641. Schweinebraten

Schweinebraten is a German version of roast pork where you baste the meat with beer whilst it’s cooking. I love roast pork so I was really excited to give this one a try as an alternative Sunday dinner. As I knew I would be basting it I got a piece of pork without crackling and roasted it mostly covered in foil so that the beer would steam around the pork for the whole cooking time. The result was fantastic - the pork was super moist and flavourful. I cooked potatoes and onions in the same dish as the pork so these absorbed all of the sweet beer flavour too. I shall definitely do this one regularly from now on.

642. Braised Fennel

I served some braised fennel with it. I braised it in a saucepan just by frying it in a little butter, then simmering it in chicken stock until all the stock was absorbed and the fennel was barely solid any more it was so tender. The flavour was fantastic. Even Pie loved it and he usually hates fennel because of the aniseedy flavour it has. Over all this was a totally successful meal.

642 down, 1154 to go


Cara Mia Cream Pie (by fidgety gibit)


Champagne Cupcakes for Two (by tlboyd05)


The Sims 2 – Love Potion #8.5

Difficulty - 1 Heart

I’ve posted this weeks Gourmet Gaming a day early so you can enjoy it on Valentine’s day!

Is Valentine’s Day usually a total failure for you? Are you left bitter and alone, ranting about the commercialism and inherent flaws of the day to faceless people on the internet when all you really want is a hug? I know how you feel (I really don’t). If you’re looking to captivate a boy or girl this evening or you simply need someone to play co-op with because sometimes achievements demand you play a game with another person, then this is for you. Allow me to be your Gypsy Matchmaker. One sip of Love Potion #8.5 will ensure love at first sight and will only set you back a meagre §350! Can you really afford to put a price on true love? Fruity, fizzy and optionally intoxicating there’s no better drink to enjoy with the Sim you love this Valentine’s.

What you will need: A tall glass.


8 Raspberries

Crushed Ice

10ml / 0.33oz. Chambord Raspberry Liqueur (Or Raspberry Juice)

50ml / 1.5oz. Raspberry Lemonade

100ml / 3.3oz Champagne (Or Tonic Water)

Top Up with Lychee Juice

Mint Sprigs

Fresh Lemon Juice

Making Love Potion #8.5:

  1. Crush the raspberries and press them into the bottom of the glass then pour the crushed ice on top.
  2. Pour in the Chambord, followed by the raspberry lemonade, champagne then top it off with lychee juice. If you do it right you can create an impressive ‘layered’ look to the drink.
  3. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a twist of lemon juice.

Gourmet Gaming The Sims 2 - Love Potion #8.5

I’m not sure I could have picked a cornier thing to make! While I think Valentine’s Day can be a bit shallow I do enjoy the excuse to be overly romantic and indulge a little more than usual in treating my significant other. In saying this, every relationship faces hard times. Ours was definitely when we played Borderlands together and he earned the name “Loot Hoover”. It nearly ended in divorce. 

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Super-awesome Halloween parfait cups

So adorable!!!